My Own Africa


I started a blog post early Saturday morning but for reasons of their own did not complete it. My mind has been a torrent of thoughts. I attended an IF gathering. A collaboration of woman [...]

My Own Africa2017-08-21T23:09:12-04:00

Meadow Series


(I had read the importance of Artists creating blog posts for their Art and how important this is. Please bare with me as this is my first attempt at actually doing this. The Meadow Series [...]

Meadow Series2017-08-21T23:09:13-04:00

Enough For All


I could hear her bustling around the kitchen trying to finish all those last minute preparations before the company arrived. “I hope we have enough’ she would say.. Yes we always had enough food, the [...]

Enough For All2017-08-21T23:09:13-04:00

Not The Weak


I'm being bullied I'm being bullied and it has put me into a tomb of silence. Will I ever be raised from the dead? Bullies prey on the vulnerable but NOT the Weak For me [...]

Not The Weak2017-08-21T23:09:13-04:00