(I had read the importance of Artists creating blog posts for their Art and how important this is. Please bare with me as this is my first attempt at actually doing this.

The Meadow Series

Here I sit inside my warm home in the middle of winter. My grandparents used to call it the dead of winter. A time where all signs of life outside except the snowflakes have disapeared. I just completed a painting of a frozen pond where a little child was skating and really don’t want to paint another snow scene. It seems as though the Universe has that covered. 

This is what inspired the creation of the Meadow Series.

The warmth of the sun, the beauty of the flowers and the feeling that life still exists. Where would I like to be right now? What does the earth feel like?

I laugh internally as I put the brush to the canvas. The earth can smell warm!!

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If you want to see one of these paintings closer up just click on the picture. :) They are available in all different sizes , framed or not framed, greeting cards and more. All originals have been sold except for Meadow Pond is still available.  You can send me a message if you are interested in the original.