The Story behind the painting

He’s had a hard life She’s had a hard life

So how did a simple daisy bring these two together?


When I was a young girl I dreamt of my first kiss. Often knee deep in sand at the sandbox while building a sandcastle. It was actually somewhat frightening to think of kissing a boy but I knew I wanted a husband and I knew I wanted a family. Somewhere in there I would have to kiss him. I would sit for hours on the grass looking at the tiny daisies dreaming of what he would look like.

For almost 8 years we spoke every now and then online in a Yahoo Chat room. Mostly about God and very little about our personal life. That’s why he became such a close friend. Our relationship began with a deep love we both had for the creator of the Universe. We could relate to him as both of us are very creative people.

The day came that we finally met face to face. Something I had only waited about a month for but someething He had waited for ..for years. He fell in love long before I was aware of my own heart that had grown so trusting of him.

11 hours of distance seperated us…but after 8 years we finally met face to face.

I found myself suddenly wanting to kiss him. What a weird feeling. I was in my 30’s and never once had the urge to kiss someone. We had gone for a short walk and found a seat of grass on a soccer feild. As we sat there he reached down and picked a tiny daisy from the grass and said “look”

Meadow Daisies Pa

Suddenly I was reminded of those days in my childhood when I would dream…of him

So this is what he looks like.

In that moment I leaned over and kissed him. It was the very first kiss I ever gave away.
The painting of these daisies now 8 years later was created because of that precious beginning one moment.

The simple things in life are the greatest gifts

 Part of the Meadow Series


A field of Kisses

by Colleen Ranney


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