When it feels like the world has totally forgotten about you what do you do?

When I was a little girl I remember reading a story in one of the Uncle Aurthor Bedtime story books. The story was set on a winter day when the ground was covered in a blanket of white snow. Icicles hung from then branches of the trees where once back in the summer it was filled with lucious green leaves. But the story was not set outdoors and frozen, it was indoors. Around a table. 3 chidlren all gathered for dinner. A mother and a father at each end of the table and a warm fire glowing from the fireplace that radiated a glow onto the top of their bowed heads.

They were praying.

They were praying in thanks for the meal they were about to eat.

Yet I was astonished to see, empty bowls and empty cups. No finely cooked crispy chicken or bread. No container of milk. Nothing…

The table was only decorated with an old set of china dishes.

Thank you for the blessings of family and the warmth of our home the father prayed, He named each childs name and then he paused for a moment looked up and smiled, bowed his head again and for our dear mother we thank you Lord. We thank you for the bountiful blessings of food we are about to eat. Heavenly Father please help it nourish our bodies. In Jesus name we pray… Amen.

Why were they praying this when the table was empty? The story continued……….As they all raised their heads they heard outside a loud bang and an engine of a truck going by. Mother rose from her chair , lifted her apron and ran to the window. Father and the children followed all wanting to see what had banged so loud.

There on the snow covered road where 100’s of loaves of bread. A bread truck had drove by and the doors had flung open sending 100’s of loaves of bread on a flight out the back door onto the street. 

The family all cheered. Their prayers had been answered. They all ran out and gathered the bread and brought it into the house.

The story ended there …
When it feels like the world has forgotten about you and you are stuck in poverty with barely and food left to eat,. When the bills all piling up and grossly behind in payment. When collectors call. When your not sure of where you next meal will come from

What do you do?

You pray…You pray…You pray

YOu thank our Heavenly father as though you already have everything you need.

There are many people I know personally right now who are fighting a battle of poverty. It hasnt gotten that bad yet in our home BUT I have been in the positon of barely having anything to serve for dinner before. in my life. Miracles did happen at that time. Friends and family helped and unexpected gifts were given.

Don’t loose faith. Pray with faith!! Be open to the idea that anything is possible. Perhaps a bread truck is on it’s way past your door. Don’t give up hope yet. The one who holds the entire world in his hand, holds you too and He loves you.

©Colleen Ranney

All Photos are from Pixabay