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Colleen Ranney – Author / Artist / Poet

Colleen Ranney dedication to  art and poetry has given her the acclaim of being a modern day Female Rumi. Focused on the depths of the heart, body, and soul, Colleen’s purpose is to expose the hidden truths through many expressions of art forms.

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Colleen Ranney professional Art career began in 2007 when she sold her first painting. Using acrylic, watercolour, charcoal and pastels on Canvas,  all of Colleen’s paintings are abstract and impressionist in nature. They show real life, still life or are inspired by other forms of created media. Although most of Colleen’s paintings do have some use of a paintbrush, she also uses her fingers or random tools of wood or metal to create the strokes.

Since 2007 I have created over 50 paintings exploring as many bright and beautiful colors as possible. In 2009, my husband and I created a website for me to start displaying and offering my artworks to the public. From there, other people and organizations started offering me showings of my work at galleries and functions. Some of my paintings have been donated to support Autism research and acceptance which I am really happy about.

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