How far could I throw a ball if I tried my hardest? Not very far.

With google research I have discovered a Canadian currently holds the record in 1957 of throwing a ball 475 ft 1 inch. That is an amazing distance! There is no way I could throw that far. Could you?


In my 30’s I began the journey to seek more understanding in my life. I did find a lot. I also found that throwing bad thoughts, or bad relationships or bad moments away wasn’t humanly possible. The idea that a spider could crawl up my leg and sit there as an unmovable weight was not ok with me. Deep down my instinct was always to push away what I perceived as bad.


So how far can someone throw a friendship when it has ended?

How far can someone throw bad words when they are feeling angry? Most writers know their pen creates ripples. Ripples that can reach remote areas of a readers soul. Some spend hours trying to perfect their skill.

I have a friend who believe I didn’t come to her about a certain issue she believes I should have come to her with. (But I did) This friend has now thrown me like a ball away . Countless times I recall telling her I will go with you to get help. I will be here for in anyway I can.

You really need to seek help from a professional” I would say

You can’t just spend the rest of your life like this” I would say


..was not left to her interpretation however convinced she is of that. It was left to my interpretation. My human strength an ability does not lay in the hands of others to determine. It lays in my own hands.

And so does yours


The world is cruel enough without us imposing cruel punishments on ourselves because we do not process the strength or the ability to do some things. Where expectation lives just off in the distance is a field of disappointment.

There simply is no blame due where there is no ability.


I good rule of thumb is to understand what distance you can reach.

How far could I throw my own life in the distance before it resembled something I understand.

Far somewhere down the trails of life remains that understanding. You will get there and so will I.


Enjoy the adventure.