I’m being bullied

I’m being bullied and it has put me into a tomb of silence. Will I ever be raised from the dead?

Bullies prey on the vulnerable but NOT the Weak


For me it is not the destruction the bully seems to like to create in my world that causes my pain. It is the fact that a bully can manipulate other people into believing their made up story of victimization and the bystander can become without even knowing it a part of the bullying. This often leaves the true victim of the bully feeling victimized again and again.

For example You read a face book post that says

My friend did Blah blah blah (lies inserted) to me. I’m so hurt by this!! And 40 people jump in. Some saying That was so wrong of that person, some asking do you want me to fuck them up? Some offering words of comfort.

Then this is brought to the attention of the True victim. Suddenly they see not only are they being bullied but 40 other people are unknowingly bullying them as well.

Are these 40 people responsible? The ByStander- Does it really matter if the person being bullied decides they cannot take it anymore and takes their own life? (just saying)

The winner of the stupidest advice goes to – Just Ignore it. Just Ignore the Bully, Just Block them, Don;t focus on their Drama, Just stop giving the bully attention.


I’m angry at the blindness of it all. I’m angry at the SILENCE of it all.

Is this a fatal mistake? Is it useless to intervene?

If you read up at the top I wrote Bullies prey on the vulnerable but NOT the weak.

When humanity sees that we are each vulnerable ON OUR OWN it will solve the Crime of Bullying and Raise hundreds from their silent tomb.