I could hear her bustling around the kitchen trying to finish all those last minute preparations before the company arrived.

“I hope we have enough’ she would say..

Yes we always had enough food, the truth is there was always left overs.


In my life I have struggled with the idea that I just might not be enough sometimes. In the moment that a relationship (be it friendship, aquaintence or family) ends, a lot of time can be put into our own inner court room drama. We sit our own selves on trial to see if we were enough , if we did enough.
Some tables of our life will have plenty and some tables of relationship we will sit at far too long. Some we may wonder why we even sat down as all we got was a big bunch of hurt.


Today I am grateful to be reminded that Gods Grace is Sufficiant for each of us.

Matthew 4 :4 

“It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”


Yet God was never like a meal that was created for us. God was not created. He always was and always will be and He is perfect.

Perhaps God is the very meal at our table, the relationships, friendships and family. Yes I am sure He can fill us up with The love and affection we  sometimes starve for

Perhaps God does not Have grace

Perhaps God IS Grace

Perhaps God is the very Awareness of Having Enough and Being Enough


I pray we all Have Enough