Happy May 1st

The snow is gone and the mud is drying up and turning into dust

As I walked over the cracks of the sidewalk pushing him in the stroller I caught myself praying. Since I was a little girl I talked to God about my children and grandchildren and great- grandchildren.

Tree” he said

Yes that’s a tree!” I thanked God

Weeee” he said (That’s means the swings at the park)

yes ! We are going to the weee “

Ya” he said


I love his curious nature and the excitement that flows out of him as he discovers this beautiful planet. I love his concern that while driving in the car there are no pigs to be found searching the fields that go by.

Autistic, non- Autistic it doesn’t matter which, we each live in a world full of opportunity for discovery.


I was fascinated the other day watching a nature show about the Arctic woolly bear caterpillar. It freezes solid every winter but comes to life in the spring for 14 years before it can become a butterfly/moth. Now isnt that wild!

Sometimes I feel my spirit freezes in the winter and thaws in the spring

I hope you never loose your sense of wonder – A beautiful lyric from the song I hope you dance.

Truly this is the quality my 2 year old grandson has oodles of.

Talk to God about Everything– is something my daughter wrote to me in an email the other day and it made perfect sense.

I have 2 very ugly spots on my skin from having cryosurgery yesterday. I talked to God about those last night and already I am talking about them to him again this morning. I am,  to say the least a little frustrated again that my body has to be put through surgery’s and treatments.

Perhaps in this way I am similar to my 2 year old grandson who hopes for a “weeeee” to be around every corner, every tree, and every hill. even…Through every swarm of bugs He anticipates the filling of joy in his spirit.

I’m saying hasn’t it been enough God? And my sense of wonder at the beauty of this only world increases.


There’s so much to see, so much more to discover still… no matter who you are Sharing Joy with one another is not a commandment
it is just a better way. Life is about living, inside our own smile, above our own limits, around our own obstacles, outside our own prison before our own judgement.