I had an off day yesterday. My reactive response to stimulation is less than suitable for some.

I went out to hang the laundry our on the clothes line. This wasn’t today. This wasn’t yesterday. This was many days ago. But while I was out there a bumble bee started buzzing right by my head. I instantly ran across the yard screaming at the top of my lungs and swatting towards it.


This is the only event right now in my life I can remember my reactive response time was pretty much right on time. But still I am not sure who’s standards that would go by.

What makes responses so difficult at times is the fact that I live in an unpredictable world but I thrive on predictability. Meaning I like to know what to expect. Dealing with the unexpected is uncomfortable for me.

My husband has promised never to throw a surprise party for me. I agree that wouldn’t be a good idea.

To help you understand this a little better. Imagine opening your door and walking out side and the ground is no longer there. Where would you step? How would you reactive and respond? Certainly you couldn’t. It would already be to late. You would be dropping faster than you ever imagine into oblivion.


Change in our world is inevitable. We are faced with it every second! Learning to adapt and cope is a great accomplishment that sometimes has a very short life span.


Desire without knowledge is not good, and whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way.

Autistic Tip- Be the constant assurance to your Autistic loved one. This world is unpredictable. You can be their stability.


Hopefully today will be a little better.