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Colleen has been writing since a child but in 2004 her first book was published. Since then 4 more books were published making a total of 5. Below you will find One Prayer. We hope you will enjoy each individual preview, short video and synopsis. If you are interested in using content from any books please use the contact form.

One Prayer: Find that which inspires you to become what you are here to create. Your purpose is a gift to all. A unique and loving endevour to be appreciated and admired by all who you touch and inspire. Every person no matter where in the world who says a prayer, sends out the same vibration to the Universe. We are promised that our prayers are answered when we believe. This book is a collection of Answered Prayers and Evidence for all who want to believe. Listen and believe, then lead the way my friend. May all Be Loved – May all Be Blessed – May all Feel Peace.

This book is offered in Three Different Syles, an economic Softcover, a durable Imagewrap and an elegant Hardcover with Sleeve.

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