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Colleen has been writing since a child but in 2004 her first book was published. Since then 4 more books were published making a total of 5. Below you will find Entangled Within the Nature of Things. We hope you will enjoy each individual preview, short video and synopsis.   If you are interested in using content from any books please use the contact form.

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This book is offered in Three Different Versions. There is an economic, poems only, 5″ x 8″ Standard Version, a sturdy, poems & color photos, 7″ x 7″ Collectors Edition and an elegant, poems & color photos, 10″ x 8″ Deluxe Edition.

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Entangled Within the Nature of Things is a collection of fifty heartfelt poems, from childhood’s cherished moments to becoming an adult and being faced with difficult decisions. Our passions and focus in life arrive from how we view suffering and pain. These poems travel through childhood memories, divorce, death of loved ones, spiritual growth, and finding the courage and strength to continue into tomorrow. If we are to be travelers in life we must keep moving. We must travel light, and be certain to enjoy the countless sites along the way. Writing allows me to open my heart and my soul and share. Perhaps in some small way my words will touch the heart of my readers and stir passion, healing, and that first step into believing anything is possible.

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The previews below show 15 pages of the books. All versions available in Softcover, Hardcover with Dust-jacket, and Hardcover Image-wrap. BE SURE to preview the Collectors Edition and the Deluxe Collectors edition to see the full color photographic art along with the outstanding poetry of Canada’s Beloved Poet, Colleen Ranney. “Entangled Within the Nature of Things.”

Preview the 5 X 8 Standard Edition
Preview the 7 X 7 Collectors Edition
Preview the 8 X 10 Deluxe Edition