Super Heroes are defined as people who go above and beyond the normal call of human duty. Yet, in these days the balance of people really giving to this world their very best compared to people who just enjoy the ride and contribute nothing is not the same as it was years ago.



When I was diagnosed at the age of 4 with Autism my grandparents who had adopted me pretty much let the news go in one ear and out the other meaning – they didn’t look for any help for me or support and really didn’t even try to learn about what Autism is.

Some of you know I donated one of my paintings to help in the efforts of a young boy who is Autistic raise money for Autism Ontario. The outcome was a cheque of 10 000 dollars in donations. I am so proud of him.


I am so proud of his mother Liz . I am privileged today to write this blog in recognition of her and also in recognition of all Mothers and Fathers , family and friends who love someone who is Autistic and are active in their well being.

Seeing Liz standing as a pillar of strength and assurance beside Morgan while he recited his speech to children as well as parents in the Avon Maitland Schools was a moment where I recognized just who a hero is. Her invisible cape of assurance for Morgan and her brave heart that is a constant reminder of love for Morgan makes me feel extremely honored to know her.

Autistic Tip- We really need a Super Hero in our life

for me….



My hero is my husband Ryan and my 3 children Tyler, Lanie and Jenna. If you tell them they are my hero they might just say- we are just doing what we are supposed to do. We are supposed to love our wife/ our mom. We are supposed to want only the best for her and supposed to support her. We want to understand what Autism is and we want to help find resources.

Super Heroes aren’t supposed to be people who do what they are supposed to do– or are they?

The quality of wanting to make the world a better place for others is the most potent quality a person can have that I believe makes them a super hero. It has the most potential and trust me it can even move mountains.


So THANK YOU to all you Super Heroes out there in the world. Michael Vorce I know you are one too. I don’t know a whole lot of you by name but I know you are out there. THANK YOU

When I was young and there was opportunity for me to understand and learn but I did not have a superhero in my world. In fact the doctors have said now the window for me to learn is passed but I can still be grateful for all the Autistic Children who have Super Heroes on their side.

It makes me happy