If you are alive you are a target for cupids arrow


I have been told before I seem too normal to be Autistic (OUCH!) Is it really hard to believe that all things that are “normal” are visible.

A doctor deals with small invisibilities every day. We tell him or her where the pain is and they just believe there is something inside our body and start looking. I have yet to hear of a person born with an empty inside.

Don’t get me wrong relationships for an Autistic person are not easy but that is because we process and communicate differently than Non-Autistic persons.

Thank goodness Love, Relationships, Intimacy and Marriage were made for everyone regardless of the labels society want to place on them.

So now I will be honest. Yes I am divorced once. Was this because I am Autistic? In certain ways yes maybe but for the most part Religion got in the way.

Now I am happily remarried to an amazing man. Some of you may know him. (Ryan). For those of you who know him you know he is a very intelligent man. But I know I am not the exception , meaning I am not the only Autistic woman that was blessed to fall in love and marry and intelligent man.


When a person really loves someone they go the distance to understand that person and THAT is what makes relationships possible.

Yes- Autistic People are Sexual Beings too.

From my experience in life I can honestly say that I have searched for a deeper intimacy with a lover than most of the people I was in relationships with. (they were all non-autistic) A lot of the times it was just about Sex and nothing more than sex.

There is a place in the world that to everyone is the farthest place on the earth to them (distance wise) But if a person should travel past the farthest place on the earth what happens?

They start coming back


My daughter once travelled to Indonesia. I remember looking at the globe and pin pointing the halfway around the world point. She was less than 300 miles from that point. If she had travel another 300 miles she would have started returning home.

Perhaps this is the only way I can describe the ways of an Autistic person when it comes to relationships and intimacy. Regardless of what appears to be on the outside of a person the distance from the heart and soul of a persons heart is just as far as in a Non-Autistic person.

It may appear an Autistic person is pulling away farther and farther but at some point just like travel ling the earth they are returning.

Autistic Tip- We love and we want to love others. We love deeply and we want to love others deeply. Sometimes we have difficulty expressing it in the way society has deemed “normal” But when we fall in love we fall in love for keeps. Please teach us that we deserve to be treated with love by your example. We do not deserve any less than this.

In my own experience the scientific evidence that those who are Autistic are more at risk of being in abusive relationships IS TRUE. We are not into the games of dating and games of which sex is more superior. Loving someone is truly a simple thing.

Thank you Ryan for all the ways you have loved me and all the times you have accepted my love. Thank you for taking time to stop and understand what I am saying and thank you for always being patient with me.