I am just angry today

I am angry today because I am weary of hearing people say and reading people write that someone who is Autistic is disabled.

Anger isn’t a good thing either because it makes me speechless and speechless is not what I really want to be right now. I want to be an advocate for Autistic people. I want to be a voice for Autistic people.

No one listens to an emotional person do they? A lot of society has placed Autistic people into that category too.

Please understand I am not saying everyone does but the ones that do make me Angry.


What has pushed me is a statement I just read where the writer Anna Dachel wonders why reporters have not addressed the real questions. One for example I quote below…

What’s going to happen when a million disabled childeren reach adulthood?  How are we ever going to pay for them?

First off Anna just by reading this question you have imposed I ask you–

when was children ever spelled childeren?

Secondly I am Autistic and I am not disabled and I am an adult AND I earn my own money!

Thirdly I know your article has lots of other interesting information but this little ditty you have written is part of the reason why society remains ignorant to the many amazing talents of Autistic people.

If all goes as planned tomorrow I will have a blog post about some amazing Autistics I know.

This blog post is just to bring awareness to the truth of what many people think about Autistics.


Autistic Tip- We don’t like fake people who pretend and we see right though it.