My husband once told me I do not understand concepts. I looked concept up in the dictionary and what it says is a concept is an idea. I’m sure he doesn’t mean I do not understand ideas because I do.

I have ideas all the time! Maybe he is speaking about having ideas about ideas? But then I wonder how far down does the rabbit hole have to go?


However in language my Autistic brain wants it told to me straight. Just flat out getting to the point.

Here is an example-

Rather than having some elaborate conversation that leaves me feeling frustrated- So that I can grab a hint and realize what the person talking to me is trying to tell me is that they are frustrated. I would just rather the person say “Hey I am frustrated”

Yes I get that! I can understand it. I cannot understand an entire chapter of a novel in spoken word though. Keep it simple and concise .

See did that make any sense to you at all? 9 times out of 10 I already know the moment a person is frustrated. I might not respond as though I do but that is only because frustrated people scare me to death and I want to run away from them.


So, how can a person talk to me and get an idea across to me without me ending up confused. Again I fall back on the game charades and think replace person place or thing with “thought, feeling, or idea”

Often people will only be talking to themselves. This is extra confusing to me. I might understand that tomorrow. :)

Autistic Tip- Speaking as simply as possible WILL help when having a conversation with your Autistic Loved one. Try to avoid language based on conceptual thinking. Just simply share the idea you have. We don’t want to have to guess

Exaggerations also seem to send me off into a never never land of anxiety and confusion. But before I explain this one I wonder

How many of you have taken the time to really understand these things? Those diagnosed with Autism fall on a very large spectrum. I am focusing mainly on the language and communication side. Lord knows I would rather just write for the remainder of my life versus speaking.

I look forward to next time! I will share about exaggerations and my interpretation of them.


I will try to answer the question- How will I ever know the truth?Please feel free to leave comments below.