Much of the needs I have, come from the system of time placed in the world.

Imagine always being late for work. It’s a mad dash for coffee and drinking it but never tasting it. How could a sock just get up and walk away? But no you cannot find it when you need it most. Even a sock can betray a person. Pretty crazy morning right?

I’m not sure about others but for me every second of the day seems rushed unless I am alone in a room by myself.


Do you know how many things there are to take in and see just on the human face? Life and its speed does not allow us time to just sit and take in a persons features or expressions on their face. After being around someone for longer periods of time I can take in more information but for the most part I only remember the color of their shirt.

This world pretty much chews up and spits out the Autistic moving at a comfortable speed. There is a great urgency society requires. An urgency to use proper social skills and proper communication.

This leaves me and I am sure Many other Autistics feeling as though they live in a world where what they choose to experience moves way to fast for them to ever try.

Jeremiah 2;25 Do not run until your feet are bare and your throat is dry. But you said ” It is no use! I love foreign gods, and I must go after them.


Could you have a conversation about your behavior and how it is damaging to those around you if you were late for work? At that point a person must decide to let down the urgency of this and step off the roller coaster of life.

But here is the forever problem. Life does not allow most of us to slow down.

Real life is not just the echo of life. It is inside the experiencing of life that creates the echo.

Autistic Tip- Take time to slow down a little with me please.

Do you want to remember where you are going and why?