We only learn from experience and some times the lessons we learn are hard and painful.

This is about my experience with Elite Visitors now known as Bestwriters.net. This is my opinion. You can use the site at your own risk if you wish to

I joined this site on December 19th 2014. This is a paid to write site. If you follow the rules the admin promises to honor their payment.

It took me until Febuary 21st to earn a total of 38.21 USD. I was number 12 in the rank of over 300 members and had over 1000 Ev points

When the pay out day came Feb 21st I instantly felt something was wrong. People who had reached over 25.00 USD were not getting paid. (me included)

The members waited patiently with the assurance from the admins

Rextrulove, Brad Josh, Kisser and Ryan Fallah that each member that was redeeming had to have their account thoroughly checked.

Feb 22 there was pretty much silence from the admins. However I did email Rextrulove on facebook and got a response that simple said- we are working on this be patient.

Feb 23 admins announced that Ryan Fallah has taken off with all the money and there was no money left to pay the members of the site. They also stated that Ryan Fallah had sold the site.

However this entire time the site worked fine. It took only moments for the admins to change the url to Bestwriters.net. Claiming they had all the files back-up and that now the site could go back to normal. Moments seriously!! It takes a long time to transfer a site to another site.


  • no one was going to be paid for their previous earnings. They were wiping the slate clean.

At this point I as upset. I was very verbal about what happened and demanded an explanation. All I was given was to realize the 3 remaining admins also lost money and to care about how they were feeling. 3 or 4 members repeatedly contacted me asking me to have patience and understanding.

This is what makes no sense-

If Ryan Fallah stole all the money and sold the site Why when I click on the bookmarked link to Elitevisitors does it go straight to Bestwriters.net

How do I know that Ryan Fallah even exists. Perhaps all 4 admins are the same person? No one has taken any steps to try to recover the money taken- Why??

Rextrulove stated they do NOT have money to pay anyone. 

Perhaps a sincere apology and a promise to pay owed earnings of previous redemptions when the site recovered would have been something I could have swallowed but that was not a give option whatsoever. I was asked to simply let those earnings go completely.

All ad sense accounts are given on good faith that the one using it will use it respectfully and honestly– This required a report to Google Adsense

I asked Rextrulove to delete my account with all its contents and his reply was- If you delete your account you will be loosing all the money you earned.

NO!!– I lost all the money I earned because Someone or Someone’s stole it from me. Thankfully he did delete my account. But I do not buy the entire scapegoat story here

More than losing the money I lost all the time I put into that site. Some members messaged me to trust the admins reputation and be positive and cheerful. (are you kidding me??) What kind of insane crap is that?

Not much has seemed to changed and many people who have swallowed this lie are still writing at Bestwriters.net. Why? I have no clue perhaps the pursuit of little bit of money is so strong in them they have the ability to go into denial about it.

But I don’t!!


My time is important to me . Is yours?

Be prepared for this same thing to occur when the next redemption date arrives. This site is a total SCAM in my opinion! Be aware of this before wasting your time here.