Happy Saturday Everyone

..because its been a few weeks since I last created a post

..because my husband informed me the traffic on my blog is high

I promise I am still here learning


I thought, maybe I really need to commit to this blog and post every day. The trouble is this- I don’t have some new revelation about the Autistic world to write about every day. In fact I live a very quiet life and my learning comes in spurts and takes time.

However there are a lot of topics I want to address. Perhaps this post can be me sharing the upcoming things I would like to talk about. The realizations I am making but haven’t fully made yet to write about.


  • I want to write a post for people who feel sorry for families who have Autistic children
  • I want to write a post about about auditory thinking versus picture thinking . Do you hear voices in your head? The common joke in our home
  • I want to write a post about the circle of normal and who fits in that circle in societies opinion
  • I want to write about Autistic Adults and how they are pretty much abandoned to survive on their own

  • I want to write about relationships and the misconception that Autistics should never get married or have children

Have you ever imagined the flight path of a bumble bee?


Did you know a bumble bee sees color 5 times faster than a human?