Lord help me see the world through their eyes.

Really that is all I want is to understand people. Understanding is however something I like. Hi, my name is Colleen and I am Autistic. I’m sure many people close to me would like to see the world through my eyes too.just so they could understand me better. That’s a good thing!

I am really happy about starting this blog. After many failed attempts to write for other writing sites I have decided I could just sit my butt down on my own site and talk here. Hopefully those of you who want to follow my writings can find me.

I want to share my world with you. Get ready for ups and downs because I am sure there will be many!

Looking through my eyes at the world It appears the world has gone mad. But there are jewels amidst the poisons that are thrown about on any given day.

These are the salt of the earth.

Does gravity keep pulling you towards something? I know gravity has been pulling me to many things. I hope you are ready to hang on for the ride. I promise to always try to explain

Tonight in particular the picture in my mind is those checkered dish towels my grandma used to use. I felt all grow up using those especially the ones she used whenever we had company over.

The dishes were washed, rinsed in scalding water, sat to dry and then dried. I shined those forks and spoons until the sparkled. I did my best. It was a blessing to help my grandmother. I loved her and doing something for her with love made it a great thing to do.

Plus we could sing together and I loved that

This is a song we used to sing and I am singing along with it. God is de liebe- God is Love

I think that’s my message tonight. Just do your best. If you have done your best in everything you endeavor to do You have done Great! And I applaud you and thank you. So this is the place I choose to sit down and make my place on the web. I am happy you have joined me.

Those dishes were not mine. They were my grandmas.

Can we do our very best for others while doing the best for ourselves? If we truly care about others Yes of course we can.


Lord help me see the world through their eyes- where he leads I will follow until the end of time

John 14:3

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

Do great things with love

Autistic Tip – If someone in your world is autistic it is important you let them know they belong. It is really important they know they are a part of a place, that they belong.In the childhood story of goldilocks and the 3 bears she searched for a chair that fit her just right. Explore the world with them NOT for them. xo