The entire saying “People can only hurt you if you allow them to” CAN be true to a certain extent. But the thing is I have experienced hurt in my life and NOT once did I have thick enough skin to not allow it to hurt me. You see to even define HURT a person cannot escape their body and watch like a bystander. A punch in the face is a punch in the face and it Hurts. To not allow it to hurt one must first be aware of the future. (Example) Knowing I’m going to be punched in the face and putting a helmet on first) – in this case I am not allowing the fist to connect to my face. Most Emotional and Physical HURT comes unsuspected. Meaning no one walks around warning us before it happens.


We live in a world where people respond to someones hurt by blaming the victim, shaming the victim and well indeed in the end creating a lot more secondary wounds in the victim. No one I know ALLOWS others to hurt them. A hurtful word from someones lips cannot suddenly turn into a word of kindness before it touches my ears. Last time I checked I wasn’t a wizard or God “People can only hurt you if you allow them to” I’ve always hated that saying…


People can hurt you and when they do It’s not your fault, you are not the one who is to blame, you are not the reason they hurt you and, you did not allow it.

The sun is not the sun only because we allow it to be.

The rain is not the rain only because we allow it to be.

My only interpretation I can come up with when I hear people say this and believe me I’ve heard it sometimes 300 days of the year is If I lived my life trying to avoid hurt I would never speak to another person again, never go outside my door again, and never live another breath. I am not comfortable with that idea at all.

So I choose to rephrase that sadly famous quote into this. People can hurt you and they will hurt you sometimes regardless of how much you try to avoid it. They hurt Jesus, they actually killed him! So….I do profess that I have been hurt…I do profess that it has been allowed not by me but by my creator who holds the entire world in his hands. To teach me the ways of love, the ways of peace and the ways of Real Everlasting Life that is was already written upon my heart BEFORE I was ever hurt one single time.


Are you hated by people?

Does everyone love you?

Something to think about…