My grandson loves to play with building blocks. We bought him the bright colored plastic ones that are easy to put together. He loves to lift the big bag of them and dump them all over the floor. His smile is priceless when he succeeds

There is too much focus put on what is wrong with Autistic people. They can’d do this or they have trouble with something else. They talk too late or they don’t focus enough

Encouragement goes a long way!! Well how far the Autistic mind might ask- “ all the way down town and back” I would answer. Because I was afraid to walk down town all by myself

But tests like these are wonderful. Accomplishments are a great part of building up a good self esteem.



I wondered can my grandson lift that big bag of blocks or is it too heavy for him? Should I help him? I waited with held breath but he succeeded.

Sometimes it takes me a long time to answer a question. This is because sometimes people ask more than one question in one sentence. My brain takes a long time to process one question.

Slow down I beg at times. Why do you have to know every answer right now?

The adventure is in finding the answer/ finding the right block.

Since those of us who are Autistic interpret the world in a different way one can only imagine how difficult it would be for the brain to process criticism. It isn’t easy for anyone.

  • we must control our emotional and social response

I always wondered if it was so hard because God never intended us to judge or be critical of anyone.

Corinthians in the bible says- a critical arrogantly judges, is easily provoked, accounts for every wrong, and never carries any hope of being pleased.


The day I found enough courage to walk downtown alone I imagined myself walking between rows and rows of blooming cherry trees dressed in a victorian dress.

I painted a picture once of a cherry tree and everyone liked it a lot. In my life the blossoms of a cherry tree became a building block and so I imagined those cherry blossoms every where. Without them I am not sure I would have had the courage.


Autistic Tip- Don’t focus only on the deficiencies of your loved one who is autistic. Build confidence up in them like building blocks and cherry blossoms.