Ten or Fifteen replies and mine is held to be approved by moderation for over 24 hours.

One blog post, no views and yet I read a blog about the fight with ISIS with the word God sprinkled through it and it has over 100 views and comments.

A message to a friend sitting in an inbox for 40 or more days (well now over a year). It shows the person has seen it yet there has been no reply.

A friends request still not accepted by a family member who clearly has every other family member listed as their friend.

And suddenly we wonder “Why are we being ignored and shunned?”

A pain fills our heart as we feel it cracking into pieces inside us and the unjust Governor of our emotions screams at us to “stop being paranoid”

Am I too kind? Is that why people just pass by me? Do I blend into the scenery?


An old man once took his telephone to the repair shop. The technician stated “There is nothing wrong with your phone it seems to be working just fine”

The old man hung his head and said “Then why does no one ever call me?”

To be fully present in a moment with anyone at all times simply isn’t the way life is. But some of us are more present while others a preoccupied with many different things going on in life.

I remember as a child hearing the saying “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”

My mother uses a walker and there is a wheel it that squeaks like crazy. The nurses always laugh and say “I know who is coming because I can hear you!” But still no one has taken the time to grease that squeak.

I think its normal at certain times in our lives to wonder if “anyone is noticing our presence”

My husband is forever telling me “People are really interested in what you have to say” I do agree with him as over my 15 or more years of writing I have been blessed to meet many of my readers and hear some really inspiring stories from them on the discoveries and realizations they made from reading something I had written. Thus why I continue writing regardless if the comment section is empty or the feedback is minimal.


I’m not here to be a people pleaser. I’m here to share whatever Message is on my heart and hopefully make a difference for the better in at least one persons life.


I once read a story of a lady who carried a basket of seeds with her wherever she went. They were seeds of a mixture of beautiful wildflowers. No, not a rose bush or tulip or daffodil bulbs just regular ordinary wildflower seeds. When asked why she would sprinkle seeds wherever she went she replied..

I do not drop these seeds for me, I do it for the countless people who walk the same paths and travel the same journey as me. I do it so they might have something to enjoy on their journey.I do it even if only one person stops for a moment and their burdens of life are lifted off their shoulders and their focus changes to take in the beauty of one single wildflower that has blending into the scenery of their life for years.

(I sort of added to her response because that is not exactly what she said (I read the story many years ago) But, I know that is what she meant)



So you find yourself at times a part of the scenery. Like a wildflower over shadowed by a single daisy. You’ve shared your time and energy with people who take little notice and rarely show their appreciation. You’re overlooked for all you give.


Do not loose heart.

Keep spreading seeds regardless of what you receive in return just like the lady with her bag of seeds.

Most flowers you plant take a while to bloom and sometimes they are not for you they are for those who come after you. Your time here is important. That is why you are here.

Make your entire life a time to plant seeds and when your time is over here you will leave a garden that blooms purely because of Trust in The Masters Hands.