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Tips on Publishing a Book

First off I want to say to everyone who has this link because I gave it to you. Congratulations!! On your journey to publishing a book This is exciting! This means you are [...]

My Own Africa

I started a blog post early Saturday morning but for reasons of their own did not complete it. My mind has been a torrent of thoughts. I attended an IF gathering. A collaboration of woman [...]

Bless This Food

  When it feels like the world has totally forgotten about you what do you do? When I was a little girl I remember reading a story in one of the Uncle Aurthor Bedtime story [...]

Sometimes (Poem about Child Loss)

Sometimes Poem by Colleen Ranney (Previously known as Colleen C Smith) Video Created by Forever In My Heart Please feel free to share this poem with anything who has lost a child. ©Colleen Ranney at [...]

She Basically Told Me To Die!!!

I waited for a very long time to meet others who were Autistic. I have never felt comfortable in group settings but bravely I gave it a try. This is the group of FB I [...]

A Field Of Kisses

The Story behind the painting He’s had a hard life She’s had a hard life So how did a simple daisy bring these two together? When I was a young girl I dreamt of [...]

Meadow Series

(I had read the importance of Artists creating blog posts for their Art and how important this is. Please bare with me as this is my first attempt at actually doing this. The Meadow Series [...]

Sexual Abuse (Secondary Wounds)

  This post has been a long time coming... I was sexually abused as a child I could stare at that sentence of 7 words for hours. It has a lot of power in it [...]

Living By Faith

  What does it truly mean to live by faith not by sight 2 Corithians 5:8 The day my beautiful daughter travelled across the ocean to Indonesia for the first time I learned a small [...]

Enough For All

I could hear her bustling around the kitchen trying to finish all those last minute preparations before the company arrived. “I hope we have enough’ she would say.. Yes we always had enough food, the [...]

From A Jar of Pickles

Every year we hear stories of families without enough for Christmas and every year I help out as much as I can in giving and sharing joy. This year however was different.. After my husband [...]

The Author of Good

  God is the Author of Good I think about that sentence and am able to see distinctly there are 2 stories happening. One with an author that writes happy endings , happy stories and [...]

Just To Be Human

I still found myself after all the years scanning the room watching what everyone else was doing. A sense of panic covered my entire body like a blanket. [space_20] I have faked social situations for [...]

Not The Weak

I'm being bullied I'm being bullied and it has put me into a tomb of silence. Will I ever be raised from the dead? Bullies prey on the vulnerable but NOT the Weak For me [...]

How Far Can You Throw

How far could I throw a ball if I tried my hardest? Not very far. With google research I have discovered a Canadian currently holds the record in 1957 of throwing a ball 475 ft [...]

Does The World Love You

The entire saying "People can only hurt you if you allow them to" CAN be true to a certain extent. But the thing is I have experienced hurt in my life and NOT once did [...]

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